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July 23, 2018 - More Records, More Repairs

More Records, More Repairs  The second crew to visit Skylab left Earth 45 years ago this week. Astronauts Owen Garriott, Jack Lousma and Alan Bean caught up with the orbiting space station just eight hours after launch. They quickly transferred into Skylab, and after a few days of motion sickness, the crew was able to perform more repairs and maintenance on the space station, which had already been put into habitable shape by the first Skylab crew in May. In the photo above, astronaut Jack Lousma is shown after he and crewmate Owen Garriott deployed a second sun shade to help stabilize the internal temperature of the space station. During their 59 days in space (which set a new record for space endurance), the three astronauts spent a then-record 13 hours and 44 minutes outside the space station.

Image credit: NASA

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July 23 - 29, 2018

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Moon phase Monday 23

1928: Vera Rubin born
Landsat 1 launched
1999: STS-93 Columbia launched, deploys Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Moon phase Tuesday 24

1950: First rocket launched from Cape Canaveral
1969: Apollo 11 crew returns to Earth
1975: Apollo-Soyuz crew returns to Earth, last US splashdown
2009: Canaries Great Telescope dedicated

Moon phase Wednesday 25

Saturn 2° south of Moon
Mercury appears stationary

1978: Viking 2 orbiter ceases operation
1984: Svetlana Savitskaya becomes first woman to walk in space
2000: Zvezda Service Module docks with International Space Station

Moon phase Thursday 26

1958: Explorer IV launched
1971: Apollo 15 launched, fourth lunar landing mission, first mission to use lunar rover
2005: STS-114 Discovery launched

Moon phase Friday 27

Mars at opposition. Moon at apogee
Full Moon 4:21 PM ET
Lunar Eclipse (visible from Eastern Africa and Central Asia; partially visible from South America, Europe, East Asia)

Moon phase Saturday 28

Delta Aquarid meteors shower

1851: First photo of total solar eclipse
1964: Ranger 7 lunar probe launched
1973: Skylab 3 crew launched on 59-day mission
2017: Soyuz MS-05 launched carrying ISS Expedition 52/53 crew

Moon phase Sunday 29

Delta Aquarid meteors shower

1985: STS-51F Challenger launched

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