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April 16, 2018 - Don’t Miss Astronomy Day

Don’t Miss Astronomy Day  This week, thousands of stargazers will be “bringing astronomy to the people” during semi-annual Astronomy Day events coordinated by the Astronomical League, an umbrella organization of over 240 U.S. amateur astronomy clubs. Science museums, astronomy clubs, planetaria, libraries, and nature centers will host special events worldwide—at decidedly non-astronomical sites like shopping malls, parks, and downtown centers—to acquaint people with local astronomical resources and facilities. This is a great chance to meet and learn from talented amateur astronomers, test the view through different telescopes, find out how to observe the Sun safely during the day, or attend your first star party at night. Visit the AstroLeague.org website to learn more.

Image Credit: National Park Service photo by Michael Quinn

Weekly Calendar

April 16 - 22, 2018

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Monday 16

1867: Wilbur Wright born
: First captured V2 rocket launched from White Sands, NM
1965: First test-firing of Saturn V rocket first stage (S-IC)
1972: Apollo 16 launched

Tuesday 17

Venus 5° north of Moon
Saturn appears stationary

1967: Surveyor 3 launched
1969: First X-24A lifting body glide test
1970: Apollo 13 crew returns to Earth
1998: STS-90 Columbia launched

Wednesday 18

Uranus in conjunction with Sun

2014: LADEE spacecraft intentionally crashed into Moon at end of mission

Thursday 19

Aldebaran 1.1° south of Moon

1967: Surveyor 3 lands on Moon
1971: Salyut 1 launched, first space station.
1982: Salyut 7 launched
1993: 200th Soviet / Russian spacewalk
2001: STS-100 Endeavour launched

Friday 20

Moon at perigee

1972: Apollo 16 lands on Moon

Saturday 21

Astronomy Day

Lyrid meteor shower

1997: Cremated remains of 24 people launched into orbit aboard Pegasus rocket in first space funeral

Sunday 22

First Qtr Moon 5:46 PM ET
Pluto appears stationary
Lyrid meteor shower

2010: X-37B spacecraft launched

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